Misinformation on War in Ukraine Spreads on TikTok

Misinformation on War in Ukraine Spreads on TikTok

Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, a lot of misinformation has spread online, including many misleading videos on TikTok.

People are posting and reposting videos from scenes from movies, footage from other wars, and even video game battle scenes. Some have even used this content to create fake "livestreams," and solicited monetary donations from tens of thousands of viewers who were fooled into thinking that it would go to a good cause.

Some have also taken advantage of the app's audio features, using sounds of sirens, screaming and shooting and laying it over their fake war zone videos.

TikTok has already said that they're cracking down on users who are pretending to be livestreaming from Ukraine. “We continue to closely monitor the situation, with increased resources to respond to emerging trends and remove violative content, including harmful misinformation and promotion of violence,” a TikTok spokesperson told NBC.

Other social media platforms are also combatting misinformation around the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Facebook created a “Special Operations Center” to handle any war-related social media activity and “remove content that violates our Community Standards faster.” Twitter has also shared some tips for users who are currently in conflict zones.

Earlier this week, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine with a series of missile strikes on the capital city of Kiev. On the heels of the unprovoked attack, the vast majority of the international community has continued to condemn Russia and President Vladimir Putin's actions via public statements and economic sanctions meant to target the country's politicians and oligarchs. Prior to this, Putin insisted that there were no plans to invade Ukraine amid escalating tensions in the region during diplomatic talks last month.

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