Viral TikTok Nurse Criticized For Spreading STD Misinformation

Viral TikTok Nurse Criticized For Spreading STD Misinformation

A popular TikTok user named Nurse Holly is currently under fire for claiming that waiting to have sex until marriage is the best way to prevent STDs.

In the since-deleted video, Holly — who has 1.7 million followers on the platform — can be seen in her scrubs pointing toward captions that say, "the best way to prevent STDs is waiting for sex until marriage. Just the truth." And, needless to say, the internet wasn't happy.

As many people pointed out, Holly's video spreads some problematic misinformation and is doubly irresponsible coming from an actual medical professional. Because rather than advocating for regular STD testing or better sex education, Holly opted to go the sex shaming abstinence route, which has been proven to be an "ineffective and unethical" strategy, per experts.

"The best way to prevent STIs is to create a culture where people seek regular STI testing and immediate treatment without having to worry about being judged by their medical care providers," as sex and culture critic Ella Dawson tweeted.

Meanwhile, others echoed Dawson's statement by also pointing toward the issue of medical care providers judging their patients. As user Ryan Marino wrote, "Idk who needs to hear this but marriage doesn't prevent STDs since that's not how infections work."

"Maybe 'Nurse Holly' should do less condescending TikToks & more infxn transmission education," Marino continued. "And anyone who wants to impose their morals on patients should get out of healthcare."

That said, in the wake of the backlash, Holly told BuzzFeed News that she wanted to apologize "for any offense that was taken" and that her "only wish [is] to promote positivity and healthy lifestyles."

"In the comments, I acknowledged that of course using protection will help prevent STDs if one is sexually active. I just wanted to present another option to my young audience," Holly continued, before adding that she primarily made the video for her young female followers. "I understand that my voice will not be accepted by many as it's an unpopular view."

See what else people are saying about the video, below.

Photo via TikTok / @NurseHollyOfficial