How Uglyworldwide Stole Christmas

How Uglyworldwide Stole Christmas

Photography by Oscar Ouk

It's Christmastime, and our fave model @uglyworldwide (AKA Jazzelle Zanaughtti) is feeling more naughty than nice. She presented us with this series of cursed-yet-festive images of herself dressed as an all-grown-up Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Well, she's wearing Cindy'siconic blonde pigtailed wig at least.

Now we're re-gifting them to you, filthy PAPER readers. Don't show Grandma. Or... do? 'Tis the season for mischief after all. As well as bringing these photographs to the dinner table, Jazzelle also shares 12 more ways to ruin the holidays, below.

1. Reindeer for dinner.

2. Steal presents from the Christmas drive.

3. Spike the egg nog.

4. Tell your family how you really feel about them.

5. Run an ice cream truck into the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

6. Tell children Santa Claus is dead.

7. Dump your partner on Christmas Eve.

8. Shit in the stockings.

9. Fake a gas leak so you don't have to cook Christmas dinner.

10. Have a friend call your family and tell them you died so you don't have to show up.

11. Tell everyone you're having Christmas dinner at your house and then just never open the door when they all arrive.

12. Bring an Ouija board instead of monopoly.

Photography: Oscar Ouk
Model and makeup: Jazzelle Zanaughtti
Hair: Sean Bennett
Lighting and assistant: Alex Kalb
Location scout: Andrew Samaha