Uglyworldwide Transforms Herself Into Muppets

Uglyworldwide Transforms Herself Into Muppets

Photography by Oscar Ouk / Makeup by Jazzelle / Hair by Sean Michael Bennett

Jazzelle, known to her half a million Instagram followers as Uglyworldwide, is a master at the art of transformation. The fashion model and nightlife superstar has used makeup to become everything imaginable, serving spiky orange hair and gap teeth or neon lime lips and "Dirrty" Xtina brows. "I'm just livin' in my own fuckin' world and people are here to capture it," Jazzelle told PAPER in her Halloween cover story.

For Pride, Jazzelle decided to celebrate Bert and Ernie's confirmed gay relationship (and the fact that Miss Piggy is an absolute queer icon) by recreating some of the Muppets' famous looks. Shot by photographer Oscar Ouk with hair by Sean Michael Bennett and makeup by Jazzelle herself, characters like Janice, Pepé the King Prawn and Big Bird have never looked so extreme.

Big Bird

Photography: Oscar Ouk
Makeup: Jazzelle
Hair: Sean Michael Bennett