Troye Sivan on His First Pride Parade and Superhero Dad

Troye Sivan on His First Pride Parade and Superhero Dad

This month, PAPER asks 7 LGBT influencers and creatives to share their stories of all things Pride. From coming out to first kisses, from feeling included to a wild night out, our cast shares it all. Just like the LGBT flag, the memories that unfold are colorful and beautiful, representing an array of experiences and perspectives.

Who better to ask than Troye Sivan, an openly gay pop star who isn't afraid of gendered pronouns and recently became the youngest recipient of GLAAD's Stephen F. Kolzak Award? His debut album, Suburbia, was inspired heavily by his journey of self-discovery, and his track "Heaven" with Betty Who is a touching (at times devastating) ode to those struggling with reconciling their religious faith and sexual identity.

Here, shot entirely on Google's Pixel phone, Sivan recounts working up the courage to ask his parents for a ride to a Pride parade in Perth, only to have the whole family tag along. In one particularly surreal moment at the march, Sivan saw more than just his dad with a rainbow flag cape; he saw his superhero.

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