Nikita Dragun Talks Her Golden Pride Moment

Nikita Dragun Talks Her Golden Pride Moment

This month, PAPER asks 7 LGBT influencers and creatives to share their stories of all things Pride. From coming out to first kisses, from feeling included to a wild night out, our cast shares it all. Just like the LGBT flag, the memories that unfold are colorful and beautiful, representing an array of experiences and perspectives.

Up first, makeup artist and beauty guru Nikita Dragun—whose authenticity and effervescent personality has garnered her hundreds of thousands of followers. In 2015, Dragun came out as trans to those followers in a heartfelt video posted to her channel. Since then, Dragun has blended her makeup tutorials with updates on her transition, bringing a natural spotlight to an often difficult process. What Dragun has done, and continues doing, is prove that one can live openly and authentically, even with a little concealer.

Here, shot entirely on Google's Pixel phone, Dragun tells us how her first Pride experience was an accident and how her transition all started with a pair of her mom's gold pumps.

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