Trannilish and Ms. Boogie Link Up on 'Bounce'

Trannilish and Ms. Boogie Link Up on 'Bounce'

Music reconnected Trannilish and Ms. Boogie after life took the rappers in different directions. "We've been day zero sisters," says Trannilish (Lish for short). "Like way back before transitioning." In August, Lish hopped on Boogie's fiery track, "FEM QUEEN," and now Boogie's lending her signature purrr's to Lish's "Bounce," out now. "Collaborating with Trannilish has been the most fun part of my career, to be honest," adds Boogie — a strong statement, considering her own rolodex of underground hits. "We have a great time in the studio, and just let our hair down to create and feed off each other's vibes."

On "Bounce," Lish and Boogie offer up an absolutely menacing track with a hook that demands its own viral dance challenge. (The next #BussItChallenge, perhaps?) "I get the cash and then I bounce," Boogie raps, describing the song as a "celebration of everyone getting money." For Lish, "Bounce" symbolizes "moving on" from anything that no longer fulfills you. This empowering message is laced with humor, featuring one choice lyric, "I'm swinging from his pubic hairs like Donkey Kong." According to Lish, "Making people laugh is super important to us."

Ms. Boogie and Trannilish

The "Bounce" music video, premiering today on PAPER, brings their Jhevere Reynolds-produced track to life. Lish says the original plan was "to shoot a really big video, but then COVID started getting out of control." Instead, they came up with a virtual idea, depicting themselves as CGI video vixens driving convertibles and dancing together in sexy sports jerseys. Boogie says they reached out to Linya Lanvin and Jai Valentino, who helped bring their "'fem queen' Barbie dream house and basketball court to life."

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Bounce" and stream the track, below.

Photos courtesy of Trannilish and Ms. Boogie