Teyana Taylor Is a Voguing Cinderella in 'WTP'

Teyana Taylor Is a Voguing Cinderella in 'WTP'

The closing track of Teyana Taylor's K.T.S.E. , it is safe to say that " WTP " was the runaway success of last summer's Kanye West -produced album. Co-produced by Mykki Blanco , Taylor's vocals really shine through as the star on the track as they silkily weave their way through energetic ballroom banger. Featuring a vocal sample of Venus Xtravaganza from the landmark documentary, Paris Is Burning , what made "WTP" succeed as a vogue anthem for a new generation is that it pays homage to the culture that birthed the genre in a way that is respectful but doesn't feel forced.

Months after the release of K.T.S.E . Taylor has finally returned to give the standout track a proper music video. A cross between Paris Is Burning and Cinderella , Taylor's self-directed clip for "WTP" follows the singer as she goes from the House of Petunia's berated maid to a vogue sensation. Featuring guest appearances by Lena Waithe , Big Freedia , and Trace Lysette , the mockumentary not only manages to serve fierce Fashion Nova -fueled looks but fully delivers on the laughs as well. Irreverent and a little campy, the video is an enjoyable tribute to the ballroom culture that spawned its soundtrack.

Watch the full self-directed video for Teyana Taylor's "WTP" below:

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