Soulja Boy Is Ready for His Big Break

Soulja Boy Is Ready for His Big Break

From selling knockoff electronics to launching his own social network, there hasn't been a hustle Soulja Boy hasn't had a hand in over the course of the past decade. Now it looks like the viral star may be leaving the world of rap behind for good in favor of a burgeoning acting career.

Soulja Boy made the announcement that he would be leaving the world of hip hop in favor of acting in an Instagram Live, promoting his role in the upcoming Revolt TV series, Being Draco, set to premiere January 21, giving a special shout out to P. Diddy.

Soulja Boy's departure from music comes amidst a promise to leave his various rap beefs behind him. “We going into the year with all positive energy, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t got no beef with nobody. I ain’t got no smoke, no problems, no nothin’. All I’m doing is TV show and movies, I’m an actor now.”

Prior to the announcement, Soulja Boy had been engaged in a heated back and forth with Kanye West over an allegedly cut verse on the Donda track, "Remote Control." The two had appeared to squash the beef after West shared text messages where he apologized for not giving the rapper a heads up. “So who am I to come to you and say, ‘Kanye, Yeezus was trash?’ ... I’m not fixing to say that,” Soulja Boy later told the Breakfast Club. “I’m gonna give it a couple more listens [as opposed to] just publicly disrespecting somebody’s work of art.”

Photo via Getty/ Chris Polk/ FilmMagic