Sektor Is the Technopunk Rave Brand You Should Know

Sektor Is the Technopunk Rave Brand You Should Know

NYFW consistently fosters the next big names in fashion, and New York-based Sektor is bound to be one of them. The technopunk rave brand hosted a launch party in Soho this week, filling a cramped Canal Street space with fog machines, strobe lights and a latex wall, with bodies writhing behind it to imprint hand marks on the black, shiny fabric. Peri Rosenzweig is the designer behind Sektor, infusing her breakout brand with a brutalist, subversive attitude; her first collection, out November 2018, features slime green raver pants, mesh tees and rubber coats — designs inspired by her own experiences in nightlife. PAPER asked model/artist Richie Shazam to document the party, and ask Rosenzweig about all things Sektor.

Richie Shazam: Where was your most magical rave experience?

Peri Rosenzweig: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What are your ultimate rave essentials?

Heavy shoes to stay grounded, and a high pony to pull you in the other direction.

And Sektor?

[You] need to be suited up for battle. The clothes are made from high quality nylon — they'll keep you safe and feeling tough in the darkest places with the combination of technopunk aesthetics and the luxe use of technical fabrics.

Talk about the concept of the latex body performance at your launch.

Clothes are like armor that protect us from the world and say a lot about us. [It's about] a feeling of being trapped in another dimension, trying to break through to the physical world. We wanted an intense force that attacked the senses — using the anonymity of the body, sound, and light.

Where do you want Sektor to take you?

Sektor is the embodiment of my anxiety, so I guess wherever that takes me. Hopefully to see The Prodigy.

Check out Sektor's full collection, below, which can be pre-ordered online.

Raver Pant (Green), $595;

Launch Party Photography: Richie Shazam