Seks 5th Avenue Samples N.W.A. on Their Debut Single

Seks 5th Avenue Samples N.W.A. on Their Debut Single

Seks 5th Avenue has always done things a bit differently. The independent brand, which produces one-of-a-kind pieces from discarded materials, approaches fashion with humor, covering bra tops with cyborg Cynthia Pickles stamps (AKA "Sinthia") and building COVID-era harness bags for Purell bottles ("The most important 2020 accessory since the mask").

Now, the New York upstart is breaking into music, releasing today their first single, "FℲucK the Police (Ballroom Law)."

This move stems from Seks' desire to build community through their work. Before the pandemic locked NYC inside, they had plans to fill 2020 with "local activations, hangouts, parties and events where people could bring pieces to upcycle or embroider." With such little opportunity for physical interaction, music became a solution to foster connection and offer a "360 experience" people can be involved with.

"It's a way to bring people together," Seks says. "To move people in a different way, to use our voice in a different way, and to allow us to make room for performances and to DJ, as well."

The track itself is a Vogue-injected instrumental, sampling N.W.A.'s 1988 hit, "Fuck the Police" — an apt message for a time of relentless, publicized injustice at the hands of American police.

While working in-studio, Seks says they always have music, movies or TV playing. "We were watching old N.W.A. videos and couldn't believe how long this bullshit has gone on for — how long police have victimized minorities," the brand says. "It's as relevant now as then. So we decided to flip it into an original instrumental for the ballroom, where real justice is served."

They also stamped this message across a new Seks bag, which is now available for purchase online. Completely sustainable and made from black crinkled fabric, the one-of-one accessory is first cut and sewn, then embroidered to elevate your everyday plastic bodega bag. "Replace plastic bags with this," the piece reads, positioned underneath Seks' single title, "FℲucK the Police." The brand says they "want to encourage people to be creative and to recycle/ reuse things."

Looking ahead at a year with many unknowns, especially in fashion, Seks is putting plans in place to carry out its mission of being part of their community and connecting with those in it. They're about to debut their first mini-collection through a digital NYFW presentation by Patricia Field, Seks' official showroom and main retailer. After that, Seks says they hope to continue dressing artists they admire, following a string of fans from Maliibu Miitch to Cuban Doll and several Drag Race stars.

"We will be one year old in October," Seks says. "And we're just getting started."

Photo courtesy of Seks 5th Avenue