How a Julia Fox Photo Sparked a Hanes Collab With NYC Brand Seks

How a Julia Fox Photo Sparked a Hanes Collab With NYC Brand Seks

On June 8, model and Josh Safdie's muse Julia Fox wore another one of her head-turning looks to a downtown New York party: a custom molded leather corset from indie label Seks over a plain white skirt she made from Hanes.

She tagged both brands in an Instagram post afterward which Hanes reposted. Eventually Seks slid into Hanes' DMs which led to them talking about teaming up. The final result, which launches this week, is a 200-piece collection of tees ($95) and tanks ($80) with crystal co-branded logos.

"This collaboration wouldn't have happened without our love Julia Fox," Abel Cepeda Ljoka and Will Kowall, the founders of Seks, tell PAPER. The duo also launched a series of special one-offs to complement the capsule, including a tank thong dress, a bodice made from hardened tanks, and "The Julia": a 2-piece top and skirt inspired by Fox.

Courtesy of Seks

"We’ve always used Hanes, so having the opportunity to work directly with them has been a dream," they said of the additional items. "They sent us pieces to experiment with, and the 1-of-1s are explorations of the tank top that came from that."

Seks has come a long way since their DIY roots, where they made things from discarded materials and deadstock and turned them into one-of-a-kind garments just before the pandemic. To start, they were formerly known as Seks 5th Avenue, but the retailer "came for us." "The cease and desist was wild," they said. "It started by complimenting us, which was cute, but then listing their demands. But we wouldn’t have had it any other way. SEKS is IT."

The pieces are also more elevated and intricate. In addition to Fox, who's worn several Seks looks this year, the brand has been spotted on Latto, Grimes and Princess Nokia.

Courtesy of Seks

"We started out using whatever we could get our hands on out of necessity and principal," they said. "But as the brand grew, and our designer Abel’s artistry grew, we were taken in a new direction. Especially when it comes to his focus on leather and leather craftsmanship. Now we’re in a place where everything is fair game. Upcycling is still a huge part, but so is the opposite. And they often come together. Now, it’s whatever means best fit the vision".

The duo are also opening a new studio on September 2 at 133 Essex Street in the Lower East Side, where private appointments can be made. "Having our headquarters in the city is going to allow us to build our team and our relationships with clients," they said. "We plan to have greater output, an intimate place to showcase our pieces and our process. Everything will be made in-house there, with visits available to anyone by appointment."

Top photo via BFA