Is a Rina Sawayama Lady Gaga Remix Actually Happening?!

Is a Rina Sawayama Lady Gaga Remix Actually Happening?!

After spending months setting off smoke detectors in my apartment, burning offerings in front of the makeshift shrine I had built in the back of my closet hoping to manifest a world where Rina Sawayama and Lady Gaga were on the same track together, it looks like my wish might finally be coming true.

Appearing on the BRIT Awards red carpet last night wearing a lavender Balmain dress and a new set of braces, Rina Sawayama seemed to all but officially confirm that a Chromatica remix was in the works. The singer said she would be down to hop on a remix, going on to reveal that her part had already been recorded and whether or not Gaga's team ended up releasing it was now entirely up to them.

When pressed further about which song Sawayama had lent her vocal talents to, she coyly kept mum about the specifics but did add that she had a rough time with it thanks to her new braces. Apparently the new hardware has been giving Sawayama trouble with her "F"s, leading the reporter to suggest "Free Woman" as the song in question, which Sawayama neither confirmed nor denied but did winkingly say "there are a lot of Fs in that song."

The campaign for Sawayama to work with Lady Gaga has been floating around in the stan ether for awhile now but it really started to gain traction last month after Chromatica executive producer, Bloodpop, put out a tweet asking who fans would like see remix the album. Bloodpop, who also produced Sawayama's single "Lucid," directly CC'd the artist in the tweet directly under it seeming to indicate who was already at the top of his list for prospective remix candidates.

In addition to the new Sawayama development it also seems that contributions from Charli XCX and Dorian Electra are expected to land somewhere on the Chromatica remix album as well. Charli, who had previously tweeted that she had been sent the stems for "911," has since confirmed that creation process for the remix has begun (and given that this time last year she was pulling together an entire album in roughly the span of a month, that process likely won't take too long). Bloodpop has also confirmed to a fan since his initial tweet that Dorian Electra will also be featured on the forthcoming remix album.

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