Rihanna's Pregnancy Sparks Sad Drake Memes
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Rihanna's Pregnancy Sparks Sad Drake Memes

Has anyone checked on Drake?

As you've probably heard by now, Rihanna revealed on Monday that she's pregnant with her and A$AP Rocky's first child, sending the internet into a complete tailspin. However, after the initial wave of excitement, fans also began to wonder how Drake was doing given his well-known obsession with Rih, and they, naturally, used memes as a hilarious vehicle for their speculation.

After all, Drake famously professed his love for her while presenting her MTV Video Vanguard Award in 2016 and has continued to openly simp for her, despite Rihanna telling Vogue in 2018 that they were no longer friends but "not enemies either." And though they appear to have since made up, Rih made it abundantly clear that she'd moved on from whatever romantic relationship they may have once had after she began dating Rocky in 2020. So with that in mind, the internet was quick to joke about Drake losing it over the news, with multiple people tweeting things like "I know Drake is somewhere throwing up" and saying he's probably already waiting for her outside her mansion.

Meanwhile, some made wisecracks about the rapper brooding along to his own sad boy records by writing, "I know drake just put take care on."

While others figured he'd be using his pain as musical inspiration, saying that he was "bout to drop the greatest album of all time" and even coming up with fake lyrics like "I know our relationship was Rocky but you moved on ASAP."

More specifically, many joked about a possible part two to Drake's iconic heartbreak anthem, "Marvin's Room," which would be called "Marvin's House" or "Marvin's Mansion." And of which seems somewhat plausible given that Drake has yet to publicly congratulate Rihanna.

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