Rihanna Says She'll 'Have a Problem' If Her Child Isn't Into Fashion

Rihanna Says She'll 'Have a Problem' If Her Child Isn't Into Fashion

Among the many talking points surrounding Rihanna's pregnancy tour has been the assumption that her child will grow up to be an incredibly stylish human. And who can blame them?

As one of the most photographed fashion icons in the world, it's only natural to predict that her baby will inherit its mother's innate sense of style (not to mention access to basically any designer wardrobe in existence).

But what if the child isn't into fashion at all? The question was posed to her in a recent cover story for Vogue. “Don’t say that! You just broke my heart!” she told the writer. “Yo! That is the day that I will have a problem, if my child don’t like fashion? What?? You’ve got me so nervous!”

It's a valid question, of course, as children of everyone from famous athletes to actors often follow in different footsteps. Indeed, for Rihanna, who's cultivated a strong fashion sense over the years (she recognized the designer of the Vogue writer's skirt right away), the notion that her child may not have the same interest isn't exactly the best feeling.

What is likely is that, thanks to the world's most stylish parents, the baby will be dressed in a plethora of miniature designer wares. After all, the couple is close with everyone from Dior to Gucci. Perhaps all that exposure to the very best clothes early on will influence Rihanna's baby into the pro-fashion camp?

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