Drake Weirdly Photoshops Addison Rae's Hand Onto His Head

Drake Weirdly Photoshops Addison Rae's Hand Onto His Head

From doling out bad betting advice to potentially putting hot sauce in a used condom, Drake has had his fair share of questionable moves over the years and judging from his latest Instagram post the hits just keep on coming.

The rapper shared a small album of what looked like some highlights from a wild weekend with the standard cryptic Drake caption "I can’t make plans with you I don’t even know when I’m gonna see sleep” which on its own wouldn't be much to write home about if it wasn't for a certain photoshopped hand. In the last picture of the bunch, Drake appears to make some sort of attempt at a meme with a neatly manicured hand and Hello Kitty hair clip superimposed on his head with his tongue sticking out. Its meaning is inscrutable but it was the owner of said hand that had people talking.

Turns out Drizzy lifted the hand from a photo from a few months back from none other than TikTok star Addison Rae. And yes, she knows. Rae took to Twitter to share the side-by-side of Drake's meme and the source material with the caption “this was way too familiar.” From the nails to the angle of the gold watch, it's pretty clear that the two hands are one and the same but the questions still remains: why?

Stranger still, fans of YoungBoy Never Broke Again accused Drake of copying one of the Baton Rouge rapper's posts just a few days prior. People were quick to point out similarities between the two photos which also features NBA YoungBoy posing with two dripped out feminine hands covering the rapper's face. It isn't the first time Drake has been accused of biting an up-and-coming artist but given the superficial resemblance, it's likely that no malicious intent was behind it — if it was even intentional at all.

Photo via Getty/ Frazer Harrison