Sigh... Drake and Rihanna. Young Scorpio King of Naked Emotional Displays and Pisces Mermaid Queen of LOL Bye. Will they? Won't they? And are they even? Regardless of their status as an item, Drake's long streak of public adoration for his principal love interest and grinding-partner-of-choice continues unabated. And so, in the famous person equivalent of a prom-posal, Drake bought out a Los Angeles billboard to congratulate Rih on the 2016 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award she will receive at the VMAs tomorrow.

It was originally spotted by Blackish actress Yara Shahidi yesterday...

And then the bad gal weighed in...

Extra is right. This isn't the first time Drake has spilled all his emotions on a billboard. Last November he blessed/menaced the citizens of Toronto with a billboard that stated, 'The 6 God is watching.' We can only assume that the citizens of Toronto were somewhat alarmed, and a little turned on by the grandiose gesture, but we cannot confirm.

For her part, Rihanna's Dior collaboration is out, she just wrapped a world tour, and she'll be opening the VMAs tomorrow night. She 'grammed a teaser video for her performance, as if there was any doubt that she was going to completely let us have it...

Plus, she's busy taking over billboards of her own. Her smokin' trop bop ANTI B-side 'Sex with Me' just broke the Billboard Top 100.

You know what, Drake? I get it.

[h/t Fader]

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