Rihanna Fans Want Her As Catwoman in 'Batman'

Rihanna Fans Want Her As Catwoman in 'Batman'

Though the new Batman movie is still in pre-production, that hasn't stopped fans from speculatively casting for the film. And amongst the top contenders for the coveted Catwoman role, opposite Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader? None other than, Rihanna.

Yeah, you read that right. After reports from Heroic Hollywoodclaimed that director Matt Reeves was looking to cast a woman of color for the role (apparently, Zoë Kravitz turned down the part), fans began buzzing about who could possibly continue Eartha Kitt and Halle Berry's legacies.

And while names like Teyana Taylor and Indya Moore have also been floated by fans, it seems the Navy is ready for Rih.

And, obviously, the buzz hasn't been helped by Rihanna's recent Twitter post, in which she showed off her new Fenty boots alongside the caption, "bat-mobile, but make it fashion!"

That said, other fans are saying that Rihanna may be better as Poison Ivy, another antiheroine love interest of Batman and Harley Quinn's.

Either way, DC, are you listening?

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