Listen to a Rave Retrospective of Rick Owens' Runways

Listen to a Rave Retrospective of Rick Owens' Runways

Our favorite severed head-toting designer, Rick Owens is iconic for a number of fairly obvious reasons. From his instantly recognizable garments to being married to Michèle-motherfucking-Lamy, there's no disputing the fact that Owens has left his mark on the world of fashion — but he also has quite the reputation for being a musical tastemaker, too.

As anyone who has ever attended one of Owens' runway shows can attest, they're routine spectacles with everything from burning pyres to bubble machines. He's a master at creating a charged atmosphere and music has consistently played a vital role, from his work with Tommy Cash to famously enlisting a sorority step crew for his Spring 2014 presentation.

Frequently drawing inspiration from music scenes like punk and hardcore, the soundtracks to Owens' shows have become key to understanding the ideas behind his work. And while Owens' tastes are about as varied as they come (he's been listening to a lot of opera while in quarantine apparently), longtime collaborator and DJ Yasmina Dexter (AKA Pandora's Jukebox) remains a steadfast favorite.

Looking back at the past decade spent spinning for Owens' shows, pop-ups, parties and raves, Dexter has compiled a veritable retrospective with some of the music she's played for the designer in a new mix for NTS. The tracklist is full of hard-hitting club killers, covering a wide spectrum of sounds from the cerebral sonics of Autechre to the furiously jackin' beat of Armand Van Helden's "Witch Doktor." With names like Pearson Sound, Special Request, Perc, Bergonist, Air Max '97, Galen Tipton and Plastikman rounding out the mix, even the most discerning techno snobs would find themselves hard-pressed to turn up their nose at this collection.

And while not all of us are lucky enough to get invited to one of Owens' legendary raves, Dexter's epic two-hour mix is a tantalizing glimpse into the high fashion world — or as Rick would put it, "ENTERING THIS MIX IS ENTERING OUR CONCRETE CRYSTAL SPACESHIP."

Listen back to the auditory trip down memory lane here.

Photo via Instagram