More People Should Wear Severed Heads

More People Should Wear Severed Heads

Remember the eerie dismembered Gucci head Jared Leto brought to the Met Gala last year? While we haven't seen many attempts by designers to recreate them since, the head-turning (I'm so sorry) accessory returned in Paris today at Rick Owens' show — though this time, it wasn't on the runway.

Owens' wife Michele Lamy carried the creepy head replica of the designer as she made her way to the front row. It appeared to be hung from a harness device that strapped onto Lamy so she could show off the piece hands-free.

While the severed heads weren't actually part of Owens' collection, Lamy's bag nonetheless raised the question as to why more designers don't jump on the dismembered body part train. Imagine carrying a Marc Jacobs or Raf Simons head around despite it serving no actual purpose other than to spook everyone nearby.

As for Owens' actual show (which included an appearance by Gwendoline Christie), he continued some similar themes he explored from his recent men's show, including extreme shoulders, clingy knits, bare legs and graphic patterns. See below for more photos from Rick Owens Fall 2020.

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