The 'Pseudo-Human' of NEO–MUSEUM

The 'Pseudo-Human' of NEO–MUSEUM

Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Derrek Harris
Mar 26, 2024

Sometimes clothes are more than just pieces of fabric worn on the body. NEO–MUSEUM makes unisex garments, for example, but sees the process as more like creating photography, drawings and film that imagines narratives and moments and characters that are then transposed onto clothing. The collections are then exhibited in a gallery format.

In his latest project, titled "PSEUDO-HUMAN," founder Nick Marks conceptualized a being that appears wholly human but exists between future and past and is self-aware only of circumstance and not its identity. Visually, this translates to primal elements in the styling, mising neo-cyber and dark leather elements in the garments with accessories by Perception F.

"The concept was to create a character bred from a state of confusion," Marks tells PAPER. "We wanted her to feel archival but futuristic, somber but void of emotion, real but completely fake. We wanted to place her in an abstract setting of entrapment and study, so her character feels like an experiment. We wanted to pose questions about the current direction of the human persona."

See "PSEUDO-HUMAN," below.

Photography: Derrek Harris
Styling: Parmis Katouzian
Photography assistant: Peidi