Princess Nokia Gets Fancy for 'Flava' Video

Princess Nokia Gets Fancy for 'Flava' Video

Today, Princess Nokia dropped her highly anticipated major label debut album, 1992. Spanning 16 tracks and hopping from old-school boom-bap to bass-heavy trap, it surely does not disappoint. To commemorate the release, she dropped a video for "Flava," her latest single.

For the first three minutes, no music plays in the video. Instead, Nokia talks in hushed tones about self-love and self-care for women of color while she and three other girls (include PAPER favorite Maya Mones) get ready. Ready for what, you may ask? Well, that gets answered in the video's second half, when the song starts and the quartet take off for a fun outing that takes them around town. After throwing on their best Chanel-inspired tweed suits, the four girls glide through Manhattan — stopping in a luxurious building to runway walk and posing in front of high end stores like Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry.

Watch below.

[youtube expand=1]

Splash photo via YouTube

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