Pregaming With Model Ella Snyder

Pregaming With Model Ella Snyder

Story by Zach Shucklin / Photography by Callum Walker Hutchinson

There's a good chance Ella Snyder is cooler than you. She's cooler than most people — including me, but that's a given.

At just 22 years old, Snyder has amassed the kind of opportunities others spend their entire careers building towards. The Boston native got her start as a photography student at Parsons, but years of YouTubing — plus a cutting facial structure you could rack lines with — has landed her firmly on the fashion fast track. This past season she starred in Glenn Martin's cinematic Spring 2022 debut for Diesel in Milan and shot a Mugler editorial in Paris. Like I said... she's fucking cool.

Which means her Saturday nights are also cooler than yours. A day before she was due for NYFW prep, Snyder was able to squeeze in one last party with her core group of friends in LA. The occasion? Her roommate Sophie Cates' (AKA Silver Sphere's) fairy-inspired birthday that Cates' boyfriend — Lauv, by the way — was throwing at his scenic Beverly Hills abode. Thankfully, Snyder invited us to tag along. What can I say, "I like me better when I'm"...with her.

"I definitely enjoy a good party and I need to get it out of my system every once in a while," Snyder told PAPER. And by "good party," that's model talk for Paris, if you didn't know. "I was there right as Paris was reopening," Snyder said, "and [I] ended up finding this really cute club, called Le Carmin, that was just so beautiful. It felt like a French Salloum." Still, the white columns and renaissance paintings weren't enough to turn her to the scene every night. "I just don't have the social battery for it. I recharge from being alone."

As she completed her fairy-inspired look, Snyder, clad in an Omighty "Gradient" dress, spilled on all things fashion, including the less glamorous parts. But let's be honest... it's still pretty glamorous. Below, in a series of photos, read more on what Snyder had to say on queerness, social media and how to not be cheugy in 2021. It's tea.

"Fashion is how I celebrate my body and everything that it's gone through to get to the point that it's at today. Growing up, it was my escape. I used to come home and play dress-up in my room, and I would have all of my girl clothes at home and then wear my boy uniform to school every day. It's grown from that place of an escape to an everyday celebration of who I am."