Hang These 'Pornaments' on Your Christmas Tree

Hang These 'Pornaments' on Your Christmas Tree

If you're the type to lead your holiday playlist with Slayyyter's "All I want for Xxxmas," Anissa Kermiche's new "pornaments" will be welcome additions to your home decorations this season. The French-Algerian designer's baubles" — or "boobles," as she calls them — are a celebration of the female form and come in sets of three, now available at Browns in gold, silver and white.

"Anissa Kermiche's vases and pots have been so popular at Browns, we barely can keep them in stock," says Heather Gramston, Browns' head of womenswear buyer. "This season, we wanted to do something different and expand her concept of body figures for the festive period and she came up with the concept of Christmas baubles."

Kermiche's other home goods largely center on a woman's body, from colorful ceramic pots and egg holders shaped like a stomach and thighs to candlesticks modeled after a headless torso. She even makes jewelry — rings, earrings and necklaces — formed like the naked body.

"We wanted to bring a bit of fun to the classic Christmas decoration," Kermiche says of her ornaments, all made from clay and finished with either a matte or pearlescent glaze. "Our 'boobles' or 'pornaments' are lighthearted, but still in keeping with the traditional festive colors, so they fit in nicely amongst the other, more demure and bashful baubles."

Ultimately, she says "the baubles are the perfect thing to bring some laughter into the home on Christmas."

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Photos courtesy of Browns