Paris Hilton's Pop Career Is Back

Paris Hilton's Pop Career Is Back

It’s New Year's Eve. You slink into a sequined mini dress, don your chunkiest jewelry and clip a Bump-It into the back of your hair, humming as you smear on a smokey eye in the bathroom mirror. Paris Hilton’s hit single “Stars Are Blind” blasts in the background. The year is 2022 (soon to be 2023).

That’s right, the Paris Hilton revival is well underway, and so is the resurrection of her music career. After teasing a “secret” that would “break the internet,” Hilton released “Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version)” on Amazon Music, adding a highly sought-after update to the single that crystalized Y2K Pop.

For Paris’ Version, Hilton recorded fresh vocals, working with the song's original producer Fernando Garibay, and Clint Gibbs on mixing.

But that’s not all. Hilton revealed that there’s more to come in the year ahead.

According to a press statement, it “looks like Y2k is here to stay and Paris Hilton is making music a key part of her 2023 plan.”

In a TikTok teasing the release, Hilton confirmed her long-awaited musical comeback, ringing in the new year with her old sound.

"New Year, New P,” she captioned a TikTok about going to the recording studio to “bring back Y2K pop.”


New Year, New P 💖💫🎧

As much as we’re loving the new smooth-talking DJ and girl boss Paris, we’re loving the self-referential tribute to the bimbo blueprint. If her new music is anything like her 2006 self-titled album, including the original “Stars Are Blind,” a glossy reimagining of “Do Ya Think I'm Sexy” and the underappreciated RnB mantra-maker “Fightin’ Over Me,” all the silly boys, girls, gays and theys will be fighting to lay their hands on her next musical endeavor.

Photo courtesy of Marc Patrick/BFA