Women’s History Museum Lives Up to Its Name

Women’s History Museum Lives Up to Its Name

Story by Ivan Guzman / Photography by Kohl Murdock
Feb 22, 2024

If the body keeps the score, Women’s History Museum is consistently at a 10. The art-meets-fashion collective has made quite the name for itself amidst the slew of vintage resellers in downtown New York, with their expertly curated collection of pieces on display at their new brick-and-mortar on Canal Street and on our feeds.

Their Fall 2024 show, entitled "Enfer" ("hell" in French), was a manifestation of this titular taste level. Held in a spotlit enclave across from the New York Stock Exchange, it featured some of the most interesting and exciting looks this season. Brand founders Mattie Barringer and Amanda McGowan made it a point to channel the animalistic instincts of being a New Yorker with models donning fur tails, Sasquatch-like stoicism and even live butterflies entrapped within white veils. Other notable touches included boxing glove boots and dresses imprinted with the Empire State Building — a commentary on the athleticism it takes to walk the streets of New York on a daily basis.

On the runway, we saw a cast of characters that spoke to the true underground with artists and personalities like Ren G of Club Eat, Fashion, Rowan Blanchard and more embodying the essence of the museum. The crowd added even more to the New York community vibe, with faces like Miss Claire Sullivan, Whitney Mallett, Christian Velasquez and Sausha front-and-center to experience the collection.

Though the label’s name implies a gender bias, they even delved into menswear this season. Filmmaker and party-thrower Knives rocked one of the men’s looks, and the inclusion signaled an exciting possibility for the brand to expand into new realms. It was a cornucopia of creativity all around, and with this momentum, Women’s History Museum’s next evolution is one we’re waiting for on pins and needles.

Photography: Kohl Murdock