Inside the Hottest New York Fashion Week Parties

Inside the Hottest New York Fashion Week Parties

By Matt WeinbergerFeb 15, 2024

New York Fashion Week's main focus may be the many, many runway shows taking over the city, there's also plenty of fun to be had after the last model's cleared the stage. We sent man about town Matt Weinberger to capture Fall 2024 NYFW's after parties in all their chaotic glory — check out his photo diary, below.

Wiederhoeft Afters at The Standard

The Wiederhoeft team, models, influencers and fashion socialites within the orbit of the brand came together at the Standard East Village to celebrate the success of Jackson Wiederhoeft’s show earlier that day. Chloe Wise, Alice Longyu Gao and Mark Hunter all made appearances alongside a broader flock of NYC’s creative minds. Julian and Fernando Casablancas independently found themselves at the party, leading to a fun run-in between the two brothers. Model Grace Seeger, who had a standout look at the show, attended, dressed in a sleek black outfit, looking absolutely stunning. It was a great celebration of a wonderful day and the many achievement of the Wiederhoeft brand.

Meruert Tolegen Afterparty 

The art of the intimate party remains alive and well and Meruert Tolegen is at the forefront of the movement. Following her greatly successful NYFW debut, Meruert gathered close friends and confidantes in her downtown Manhattan home (which was formerly the home of Julian Schnabel and Olatz) for a gathering with delicious cocktails and small bites. The room was filled with admiration and appreciation over Meruert’s recent achievements and a sense of excitement for what’s to come. Cheers to her success!

LoveShackFancy Afters at The Box

Coquette-core girlies and fashion influencers united together in a sea of pink corsets, dresses and a myriad of bows to celebrate LoveShackFancy and dance the night away in a donut filled room (shout out to Dunkin'). Singing along to Taylor Swift and jumping around on the dance floor and stage, the night was lit up with smiles, pearls and heart-shaped accessories. Ivy Getty owned the dance floor with her electric, hyper-jovial dance moves. I heard Lilli Hymowitz made an appearance, although I didn’t get a chance to see her. Kate Markowitz was there and maybe had the cutest outfit on of the night. She probably deserves an award. The donuts were yummy and the decor was stellar.

Beepy Bella at Café Kitsuné

Bella Lalonde hosted a NYFW party for her brand Beepy Bella in collaboration with Café Kitsuné at their Brooklyn location. Lumia Nocito DJed the event and a cohort of NY- and LA-based creatives attended. Musician Blu DeTiger, artist Danny Cole and designer Megan O’Cain all made appearances. Bella published a newspaper featuring her many whimsical girl-core designs including signature motifs such as mushrooms, frogs, dolphins and strawberries. She’s carved out a visual language that screams, “I am a quirky yet lovable internet-scrolling forrest princess!” A magnet was available as a gift to guests that read “I survived NYFW thanks to Beepy Bella.” The party definitely brought a positive and uplifting energy to a week often viewed as stressful to fashion regulars. There were yummy heart shaped chocolates and overall the event was very sweet.

Ludovic de Saint Sernin After Party at BOOM

So many sheer tops. Glam. This was a spicy one. People came out and were not playing around. Performance artist Basha had an improvised dance moment, bringing the kind of creative energy that makes an event like this feel so special. Teddy Quinlivan made an appearance, dressed in a simple yet very cute outfit. The music was bumping. The dance floor was moving. There was no shortage of love in the club. Smiles all around.

Elena Velez's Costumed Ball

Decadence galore. Elena Velez’s salon brought the downtown highly online scene to the Upper East Side for a night of delectable treats and intellectual discourse. PVT Chat co-stars Julia Fox and Peter Vack had a reunion. Harrison Patrick Smith AKA The Dare pulled up. Briana Andalore looked stunning as ever! Red Scare podcast co-hosts Dasha Nekrasova and Anna Khachiyan were dressed in Elena’s designs and looked absolutely dashing. Popular heartthrob writer Madeline Cash made an appearance. It was costumed ball for the ages!

Carolina Sarria Party at Chapel Bar

Carolina Sarria treated partygoers to an opera performance and ballet right smack dab in the middle of the crowded dance floor of Chapel Bar. The crowd was loving it. The performers were all dressed in Carolina’s own designs, created with immaculate attention to detail, incorporating dazzling quilted patterns into the designs' elegant silhouettes. The crowd enjoyed waves of performances as they sipped away at cocktail after cocktail. It was a beautiful celebration of the intersection of the performing arts and fashion, wrapped in a beautiful bow of nightlife glamor.

Holirave at Herø

Nick Holiday’s Holirave celebrating his eponymous brand “Holiday” brought together an eclectic crowd of NY and LA fashion bros and street style Y2K-inspired Insta girlies to a pumping light-filled rave in the expansive venue Herø located in the depths of Rockefeller Center. The bill featured sets by popular scene DJs including Danny Cole, Noah Dillon, Brandon Lamont and Nick Holiday himself, amongst other talent on rise. Silver chains, gold grills, oversized tees, tribal-futurism tats and street wear staples made their presence known at this jaunt. Smoking cigs inside. Getty sweaty. Expensive drinks. Pocket flasks. Lots of eyeliner. The people party on.

Vaquera x Pornhub

Vaquera is on the rise. Kelly Cutrone did it again, throwing another amazing party! Three stories of dancing, laughter and general chicness. I met a girl I thought I recognized as somebody I knew from a recent party I had attended. I asked her what her names was and she said Hunter. I later found out it was Hunter Schafer I was talking to — whoops. She asked I not take any photos, so I obliged. Rachel Rabbit White attended and looked fab. Finlay Mangan, beloved model/poet/DJ attendee, looked like a god. The room was filled with artists, musicians, writers, models and all sorts of creatives. Beauty lives.

Grailed Party

The Bowery Electric has never been more packed. The crowd was loving it and the music was bumping. Ariella Starkman did an amazing job producing the event. Grailed seems hotter than ever. Kanye West pulled up (after I had already left). A huge crowd formed outside the venue as people did there best to see if they could bargain their way inside. The lucky ones were able to make their way in and were greeted with a night worth remembering.

Prabal Gurung x Cohart Afters

So fun! Loosie's was popping. Prabal seemed to be having the time of his life. Auli'i Cravalho was owning the dance floor and bringing the energy to the night. The staff couldn’t have been nicer, with Keegan Magee holding down the fort, making sure everything in the night ran smoothly. Ronnie Flynn, who opened the club with Dylan Hales, was keeping the energy going and everything was in perfect lockstep. Models. Bottles. Good music. A stylish crowd. What more could you ask for?

Ace x Emcee Party

Hosted by downtown’s beloved Ace Aroff in collaboration with Emcee Studios, the party brought out a crowd of high fashion club kids and Dimes Square-adjacent regulars. The highlight of the night was a powerful impromptu performance of “Perfect” by Princess Superstar herself. People dressed up and weren’t afraid to get down. Richie Shazam popped by with a shimmering black outfit, nail’s done up to perfection and carrying a bright pink Vivienne Westwood clutch.

Photography: Matt Weinberger