North West Made Her Own Music Video for 'Old Town Road'

North West Made Her Own Music Video for 'Old Town Road'

Kim is home on maternity leave right now and she and North are getting up to tricks. What does maternity leave from influencing and legal studies mean, you might be wondering. I don't know! Whatever, Kim's got time on her hands, taking care of the newest West baby boy, who was born by surrogate last week, and may or may not be named Bear.

Because of this time, we have gotten to witness North instructing her mom on the proper way to dance to Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road."

To show her mom exactly how it's done, North directed and choreographed her own music video to "Old Town Road,' complete with costume changes and specialty graphics! Oh, to be the offspring of millionaire influencers.

Her Jessie from Toy Story-esque look and moves are pretty damn adorable. Her costume even includes a DIY tank-top, almost like she's a normal kid making homemade merch of her favorite bands.

Lots of her celebrity aunties and uncles doted on the adorable vid. Naomi Campbell wrote: "True Gemini Baby Girl !! GO NORTH 💖💖💖" while Jonathan Cheban aka Food God commented"😂😂 she is somethin else 😂😂".

North has actually met Lil Nas X previously, at Kanye's Coachella Sunday Service.

But based on her expression, Lil Nas X didn't think she was a fan. Consider the record officially ammended.

Lil Nas X has promised that the official "Old Town Road" video is dropping this Friday. Is it possible that it could top North's?

Photo via Twitter