The North Face x Gucci Collab Is Coming to Pokémon GO

The North Face x Gucci Collab Is Coming to Pokémon GO

Remember that glorious summer when Pokémon GO came out? Everyone started taking longer walks than normal and hunting for a Jigglypuff your buddy supposedly caught by that spot across the street from the Taco Bell you didn't realize was actually a park. Looking back, it was one of the more wholesome fads in recent memory — and if you've been looking for a reason to get back into the app, now just might be your chance.

The North Face and Gucci have recently announced pieces from their new collaboration collection will be coming to Pokémon GO. Players will be able to dress up their avatar in shirts, hats and backpacks from the collection, which will be available at 100 PokéStops around the world. This includes Gucci flagships and Gucci Pins pop-up stores where players can shop the collection's IRL counterparts, as well as provide an immersive augmented reality experience curated by Alessandro Michele.

The North Face x Gucci collection, which dropped in December, has already emerged as one of the New Year's most hyped fashion collabs, making this partnership with Pokémon GO an affordable — and rare — way to get your hands on some Gucci.

This Pokémon GO collaboration is only the latest in what has been a growing trend of fashion houses venturing into the world of video games. Early on in the pandemic lockdown, many designers turned to Animal Crossing as a way to show off their designs while in-person fashion shows were indefinitely put on pause. This past fall, both Balenciaga and Collina Strada went a step further to showcase their collections with bespoke video games of their own.

The North Face x Gucci collection is set to drop in Pokémon GO starting January 6th. Head here to find the pin nearest you.

Photo via Pokémon GO