NARS Just Dropped Custom 'Animal Crossing' Designs

NARS Just Dropped Custom 'Animal Crossing' Designs


Earlier this year, NARS unveiled the Claudette collection, inspired by Francois Nars' mother Claudette Nars. The 14-product lineup features a series of dazzling red shades in their Audacious and Audacious Sheer Matte Lipsticks, alongside a contour and blush duo, and highly pigmented eyeshadow palette. The collection, which you can shop below, is available everywhere.

Now, NARS is reaching the hybrid of gamers and beauty lovers by featuring seven custom designs in Animal Crossing. "There is a significant crossover between beauty enthusiasts and gamers that we're engaging in a new way with this activation," according to Dina Fierro, VP of Global Digital Strategy and Social Engagement for NARS.

Animal Crossing players will have the ability to choose from three face-stamps and three wallpapers for their homes that feature the same star, butterfly and clover patterns on the Claudette packaging. Players will also be able to dress their character in a NARS hoodie.

You can redeem the following codes to add NARS' custom designs to Animal Crossing:

Face Stamps

  • Clovers: MO-9DWT-K1G0-M71K
  • Butterflies: MO-2SWP-XSHR-QD5T
  • Stars: MO-D4HS-FKH9-2XKY


  • Clovers: MO-TMYJ-WKVW-DTL0
  • Butterflies: MO-1WN7-H33L-693P
  • Stars: MO-CCCGX-XS83-KB8Q


  • NARS Hoodie: MO-B4B3-RW5G-2Q03

Photos courtesy of NARS