Meet the 'New Blood of India'

Meet the 'New Blood of India'

Jun 12, 2024

There's an unapologetic and rebellious spirit in a new generation of young Indian people in Delhi — a melting pot of people from all over India. In “New Blood of India,” photographer Suraj Nongmaithem and stylist James Lalthanzuala capture this cultural movement, portraying clothing and style as not just adornments, but as symbols of defiance and liberation.

Since social media is practically inescapable, Indian teen culture is heavily shaped by global fashion trends. In this instance, it's actually a good thing. "This shift has given rise to a flourishing street-style scene, where young individuals embrace their unique identities in a society historically rooted in conservatism," Nongmaithem tells PAPER.

"What's remarkable is the fearlessness exhibited in their fashion experimentation, even amid societal scrutiny. Through bold style choices, they not only express themselves, but also engage in a form of protest, pushing back against entrenched norms and advocating for self-expression and diversity."

In terms of styling, Lalthanzuala incorporated a few pieces from local designers, but predominantly used Indian vintage fabrics and materials, customizing and sewing them into unique creations. "The styling was based on each individual's uniqueness and we started building from there," he says. "We love merging the old and new, as this fusion embodies the essence of India."

See "New Blood of India," below.