Leave Naomi Campbell Alone

Leave Naomi Campbell Alone

I think Naomi Campbell has earned the right to do whatever she wants.

The literal supermodel of the world was flooded with critical comments on Instagram this week over a post about the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Specifically, she has been heavily criticized for what many describe as a "Photoshop fail." It's clear the image has been doctored slightly.

The more accurate rendition of the original photo can be seen above, and Naomi's edit below.

Followers on the app were quick to criticize. Comments range from "She is Naomi !! And her team wasn’t able to find a single ONE good photo ?" to "Please delete the first photo, you looked amazing without photoshop!!! You don't need to edit your photos!" Each comes with a level of sincere and earnest condescension, which is puzzling if typical behavior for social media.

My question is: Did anyone die?

There are Photoshop fails that should trouble the general population, and the Kardashians are responsible for the majority of them. Whether it's photos to show the results of a "tummy tea" that have been clearly altered, Kendall's "long ass fingers" or the Disneyland drama, distorting reality can come with a heaping load of risk.

On the other hand, Campbell's photo is clearly manipulated. Her skin has the texture of a vaseline smudge with a blurred jawline and almost waxen demeanor, like an AI-generated image the internet is in a tizzy over. Likewise, the actual photos are easily available, especially if one were to click through any of the tagged accomplices to her glam that night or look at the People red carpet round-up.

I'm reminded in this moment of Aubrey O'Day, who faced a Photoshop-related controversy last year over a series of Instagram photos in which she doctored her visage into various locales around the world. After the internet roasted her for the perceived attempt to lie about her vacation habits, O'Day bravely responded that the photographs were art. “If I want my Instagram to be curated like a museum of ART then that’s what the fuck is going to happen. I’m an artist, a REAL creator."

Likewise, Campbell has the most famous mug in the world. It's no secret what she looks like, and there are likely more images of her — doctored or otherwise — that exist currently than most other people to ever be born. Let her Instagram be an expression of who she sees herself as! Especially in this world that so clearly thinks it knows her better than she does.

Photo via Amy Sussman/Getty