Marine Serre Wants to Dress You for the Apocalypse

Marine Serre Wants to Dress You for the Apocalypse

In a former wine cellar on the outskirts of Paris, rising designer Marine Serre presented her latest collection pegged to an apocalyptic future, with face masks, laser eyes, body suits and glowing neon garments. "It's after the apocalypse, a group of friends are underground — a community coming together. It's a safe zone in which a new world is being created, a future world, a new way to see fashion," said Serre about the fall 2019 collection. Here's everything else you need to know about the show.

Crescent Moon Bodysuits

Months after launching her label in 2017, Serre won the LVMH Prize. Since then, she's forever been associated with the cool crescent moon motif she places on everything from tops to bags and scarfs. For fall 2019, there were body bodysuits, leggings, balaclavas and dresses with the iconic print.

Highlighter Future

Neon, a trend we've seen at a lot of fashion month shows since the season kicked off in New York, was shown here too. Blinding, glowing highlighter yellow pants, outerwear and a dress was shown on both genders.

Perfected Plaid

In deep green and red, Serre presented a couple of neatly tailored looks in bold tartan plaids. With the addition of color coordinating hair and protective face masks, the aesthetic became more post-apocalyptic than conventional.

Puffers Reinvented

The puffer has reached an all time high this season. At Marine Serre, it came trimmed in vibrant faux furs and manipulated into new forms of quilted fabric, including: one clerical looking cape-like gown and mini dress.

The Ball Bag

Like the crescent icon, the ball shaped bag has become of a signature of the Marine Serre universe. In metallic silver, green, black and embellished fabrics that matched the outfits, the handbags stood out as key elements of the collection.

Photos via Imaxtree