Behold the Cyborg Energy at Marine Serre

Behold the Cyborg Energy at Marine Serre

Marine Serre, surely the most important young designer "of the moment," presented her fall collection today in the depths of a Parisian cellar. Most collections at her young label have focused on concepts of upcycled sustainability and what she calls "futurewear" — clothing that suits the Anthropocene. Her glorious fall show, titled "Radiation" and held in the midst of a February heat wave, leaned into the idea that soon we all shall die, with UV lights and hacker greens that implied a field of nuclear waste. And the facial accessories really brought it home.

Serre collaborated with R-Pur, a French company that makes anti-pollution masks, which feels terrifying and prescient. And for a striking look, she fitted a few models with glowing strips of light below their eyes. As they walked, they looked like sleek Terminators, cyborgs you could plug in with a USB.

The show notes described Serre's creatures as "morphing and transforming a weird new style. A new pluriversal mode, equipping them for embattling a hostile old world, while defending their delicate own." Hopefully by the time we go into the bunker I'll be able to get one of her turtlenecks.

Photos via Imaxtree


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