Lady Gaga Trolled Over Viral 'Fake' Boomerang

Lady Gaga Trolled Over Viral 'Fake' Boomerang

Lady Gaga is being trolled by Gen Z over her latest social media post.

On Tuesday, the 36-year-old pop icon was called out by younger fans for what appeared to be a "fake" Boomerang of herself tucking a tube of Haus Labs' pigment paint behind her ear, citing the mismatched timing of the millennial musician's movements and the lack of the IG feature's signature logo in the clip.

“not her making a fake boomerang,” as one fan said of the clip, which was recorded to promote her beauty brand's upcoming Black Friday sale. However, the vast majority of commenters used the viral video to make jokes about Mother Monster's perceived lack of tech savvy, tweeting out things like "she isn't MOTHER but GRANDMA" and "someone said she put the BOOMER in Boomerang & I’ve been screaming ever since."

Meanwhile, others wondered how an artist known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary media and utilizing techno-futuristic artistic aesthetics could seemingly mess up something so simple.

"lady gaga, the woman who knows technology well enough to create ultra-sonic EDM sounds and songs + produce full on albums and make interludes like the ones at chromatica ball," a third wrote. "but also the woman who doesn’t know technology well enough to do a boomerang."

By the same token though, several Little Monsters hypothesized that the so-called gaffe was a purposefully meta move, as one defender argued that the hyperaware star wanted the clip to go viral for publicity's sake.

"she obviously did this on purpose while promoting her side business to go viral and she did it," they wrote of their "smart business queen," prior to another proclaiming her "a genius."

"Im sure she is sure people will repost the clip everywhere to mock her, but in both of those clips she’s selling a product… and you’re giving her free exposure everywhere," the fan continued. "I hadn’t even seen these products on her insta and now thanks to Twitter I have."

Because as someone else claimed, the Chromaticamusician "literally created stan twitter and having a relationship with fans through social media back in 2008, created her own app in 2013 and always uses technology and visuals in her art," before concluding that "she just loves being camp." So who really knows?

Photo via Getty / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic