Kim Kardashian Banned from Buying Certain Ferraris

Kim Kardashian Banned from Buying Certain Ferraris

While most brands are chomping at the bit for Kim Kardashian to be seen with their products, Ferrari definitely isn't one of them.

Earlier this week, a Ferrari spokesperson revealed to Spanish newspaper Marcathat the Skims founder isn't allowed to purchase certain kinds of vehicles from them, including any of its exclusive models, as "Ferrari reserves the right to decide on special editions." However, the rep went on to clarify that no customer is explicitly banned per se, as the star is still able to buy standard Ferrari models.

The statement comes in response to a report from Italian newspaper Il Giornale, which claimed Kim was the latest celebrity to be added to a company blacklist. To earn a spot on the alleged list, these famous faces must be accused of "not taking care of their Ferraris" via custom modifications, with stars like 50 Cent and Nicolas Cage also rumored to be banned from owning its cars.

Aside from Kim, Justin Bieber was another celebrity believed to be banned by Ferrari in 2015 after getting West Coast Customs to alter the color of a white 451, which he then auctioned off. That said, no specific reason was given for Kim's inclusion on the list.

According to PopBuzz though, Kim was previously spotted with a Ferrari in 2012. And while it's unclear whether the car was purchased by Kim or her ex Kanye West, we do know that she was also given another one of the luxury vehicles by a Malaysian businessman for her short lived marriage to Kris Humphries in 2011. But either way, don't expect to see Kimmy driving an extra fancy new Ferrari anytime soon.

Read Marca's entire report here.

Photo via Getty / Pascal Le Segretain