Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick Sued Over Alleged 'Lottery' Scam

Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick Sued Over Alleged 'Lottery' Scam

Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick are headed to court over an alleged situation that's giving big Fyre Festival vibes.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the two are named as defendants in a class action lawsuit stemming from a 2020 "lottery," which promised winners a number of luxury items and experiences, including first-class airline tickets to Los Angeles, a three-night stay in Beverly Hills, an opportunity to "shop like Kim Kardashian" and a $100,000 cash prize.

Not only that, but much like scammer Billy McFarland's infamous 2017 "luxury" festival, the so-called "contest" — which was supposedly organized by Scott through his Instagram — also enlisted a number of big influencers and A-list celebrities to promote it, including Kim, Sofia Richie, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn. That said, only Scott and Kim are named in the suit, which is asking for a grand total of $40 million in damages — or $20 million from each celebrity defendant.

But while there were announced winners of the alleged scam, the complaint claims that the lottery was a front for an Australia-based company called Curated to sell entrants' personal information to advertisers, with the plaintiffs — none of whom won — saying they've been "invaded by hundreds of advertisers, some of which are soliciting the Plaintiffs with potentially offensive and unwanted content." They also allege that the Instagrams of each "winner" were almost immediately made private after the contest was over, thus raising suspicions.

"Just a short 20 years ago, Oprah was giving away cars and cash," the filing reads. "But today's entertainment tycoons seem to only care about becoming richer and living an even more opulent lifestyle, while duping their fans and followers."

Obviously, Curated is also being sued. However, sources connected to Curated told TMZ that every winner was real and were awarded their prizes, which they say can be proved by the purported paperwork. The outlet also noted that Curated has a list of campaign winners from 2019 to 2022 available on its website.

Both Kim and Scott have yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Photos via Getty / Gilbert Carrasquillo & Zak Bennett / AFP