Kim Kardashian Accused of Breaking LA Drought Rules

Kim Kardashian Accused of Breaking LA Drought Rules

Los Angeles is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts it has ever seen with 97% of the city declared to be in a state of "severe" drought and marking the fourth driest year in over a century. As a result, the city has put in place guidelines to conserve water, but some of LA's A-list crowd has been caught regularly using more than what's allowed.

According to documents unearthed by the Los Angeles Times, roughly 2,000 residents were issued "notices of exceedance" for surpassing 150% of their monthly water budget on at least four occasions since the district implemented new rules at the end of 2021.

Among those given notices were celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart, Sylvester Stallone, NBA star Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union. Their properties are now subject to flow restrictor devices, which reduce showers and silence lawn sprinklers.

Records reportedly show that Kim's Hidden Hills home and its nearby lot exceeded the monthly water budget in June by about 232,000 gallons. Similarly, Kourtney Kardashian's Calabasas residence was also recently slammed for being 245% over budget, however, the sisters aren't even the biggest offenders among those named in report.

Hart allegedly went 519% over budget in June, but Wade and Union take the cake, having gone 1,400% over budget with their property using 489,000 gallons of water more than allocated. So far, the married couple has been the only offender to release a statement, saying they're "doing everything we can to rectify the situation and will continue to go to extensive lengths to resolve the issue."

The news comes on the heels of an increased level of scrutiny surrounding celebrities' carbon footprint.

Kim found herself ranked seventh among a list of the most prolific private jet users, having taken 57 flights on her jet so far this year and expelling 4268.5 tonnes of carbon emissions. Kylie Jenner was previously labeled a "climate criminal" after taking a 17-minute flight from Camarillo to Van Nuys in July, which could have easily just been a 45-minute drive.

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