Kim Kardashian Granted Restraining Order For 'Telepathic' Stalker

Kim Kardashian Granted Restraining Order For 'Telepathic' Stalker

In the latest celebrity stalker news, Kim Kardashian has obtained a restraining order against a man who claimed to be able communicate with her telepathically.

A Los Angeles court has granted Kim Kardashian a five-year order of protection against Andre Persaud, a man who had reportedly shown up to her home on multiple occasions, according to TMZ. Per the order, Persaud is forbidden from both contacting Kardashian or coming within 100 yards of her, as well as from owning or possessing any firearms in addition to turning over any he may already have.

Kardashian told the court that Persaud had shown up to her home on at least three occasions in August. Persaud claims on social media that he and Kim have been communicating telepathically, but Kardashian says she knows nothing of this and that the two have never met. She feared that the situation could potentially escalate to physical violence after he mentioned to her guards that he had a gun.

Court documents state that Persaud even went so far as to travel to New York while Kardashian was there on business and attempted to gain access to her hotel room. Persaud had apparently managed to find Kardashian's LA address, which he was written on a piece of paper found on him when he unlawfully entered Kardashian's neighborhood, by contacting a realtor that works with one of her sisters.

Kardashian was not present for the ruling. It is far from the first time the star has had to deal with crazed stalkers. Last year, Kardashian was similarly granted a five-year restraining order against Nicholas Costanza, who was accused of harassing and threatening her family. In addition to showing up multiple times on her property in an attempt to contact her, Costanza had sent Kardashian a diamond ring and a pack of Plan-B pills that was intercepted by her security team.

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