Khloé Kardashian Accused of Using Diabetes Drug For Weight Loss

Khloé Kardashian Accused of Using Diabetes Drug For Weight Loss

The online chatter surrounding Khloé Kardashian's recent photoshoot has taken another turn.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past week, The Kardashians star has been fielding a ton of criticism thanks to her appearance in a new editorial for Sorbet magazine, which spurred many comparisons to her family's longtime arch-nemesis, Taylor Swift. Not only that, but the photo set also led to a flood of speculation, with many Instagram users accusing her of a big Photoshop fail and getting plastic surgery to "change" her face. And though Khloé eventually responded in a follow-up post by claiming some clip-in bangs were responsible for her "different look," her detractors are now zeroing in on her body, specifically her weight.

To her credit, the Revenge Bodyhost has always been open about struggling with her weight and body image, as well as her journey towards losing more than 60 pounds over the course of many years. However, one person used this against her in the comments section by taking aim at her physique, saying that "the fact she uses dibetic [sic] medication to get this skinny is disturbing," as seen in a screenshot posted by fan account.

"It’s funny that when a celebrity loses weight, haters will preach about how easy it is for them with personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists, home gyms, nannies, etc.," @kardashiansocial captioned the post, prior to referencing the viral rumor about celebrities using Ozempic as a weight loss supplement, even though the injectable drug was developed to manage blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics.

"But now that this Ozempic diet has gone viral, people assume Khloe is using it to lose weight and can’t do it on her own. They really can’t ever win. Is it that hard to believe that someone with all these luxuries would be able to lose weight the healthy way?," they continued before saying that Khloé "earned that body."

But judging by the reality star's response to the original comment, it seems as if she couldn't agree more, as Khloé clapped back by telling the critic to "not discredit my years of working out."

"I get up five days a week at 6am to train. Please stop with your assumptions," she continued. "I guess new year still means mean people.”

Check out the exchange for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Weiss Eubanks / NBCUniversal