'Housewives' Star Jackie Goldschneider Says Ozempic Has Taken Over the Cast

'Housewives' Star Jackie Goldschneider Says Ozempic Has Taken Over the Cast

by Joan Summers

The internet is abuzz with gossip concerning Tinseltown's new obsession: controversial diabetes-medication-turned-weight-loss-drug Ozempic, now prescribed by everyone from wellness influencers to TikTok plastic surgeons. It appears even The Real Housewives universe has not been spared its rapid onset influence.

RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider stopped by Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast to promote her new memoir The Weight of Beautiful, which chronicles her battle against anorexia both on and off television. During the conversation, she dropped a bomb about the use of Ozempic amongst her immediate circle and the franchise at large. "You should know that I can talk about Ozempic all day. It gets me so fired up. I’m horrified by it."

Goldschneider isn't "horrified by people wanting to lose weight," which she sees as a "universal," but instead is "very, very scared for what will happen if and when people have to go off this drug." She describes a scenario where a "massive amount of people" might develop eating disorders after they gain the weight back, or because of the effects of sudden, dramatic weight loss.

She continued:

"You start dropping massive amounts of weight, that's so addicting. I mean, that’s how I spiraled into anorexia. You get addicted to this new body, and to the attention that comes with it. Number one it's a scary drug because it's not studied for this. You know? There's no studies on what it does to bodies without diabetes."

Goldscheider adds that people in her circle on the drug made "recovery harder" since she looked forward to being in a world where "everyone around me was eating and loving food and enjoying life."

She then drops a bomb that "a lot of [her] friends" in the greater Housewives world are on the drug. It's a revelation which comes weeks after fans accusedRHOBH power player Kyle Richards of Ozempic usage. In a response to the backlash, Richards claimed, "I've never tried Ozempic, none of those diet drugs. [...] It would be extremely irresponsible to do that, so it's extra offensive to me."

Closer to home, Goldschneider’s co-star and friend Margaret Josephs was also the nexus of Ozembic accusations last year.

While Goldschneider wouldn't name any specific housewives for Page Six, she did clarify, "I'm not saying anyone in particular is on it, it's just people I know are on it, and for me, it was like I looked up to some people as people who had a very normal relationship with food, and now they don't."

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