Kelela Returns With 'Washed Away'

Kelela Returns With 'Washed Away'

Where the hell was Kelela after all these years? Making gorgeous music, of course.

Following a series of not-so-cryptic social media posts that compiled tweets of frustrated fans begging for information on the singer's whereabouts, as well as a cheeky video of fans making up wild rumors about her absence, we finally have a sign of life.

Today, she dropped the stunning video for "Washed Away," her first new music since 2018. Produced by Yo van Lenz, fuzzy synths rise up like warm sunlight as Kelela scats and croons with her siren-like vocals. Reminiscent of healing frequencies, the ambient synths remain unchanged as she sings about her own idea of bodily autonomy and healing.

“I love a banger, but for the first point of contact out of my hiatus, it felt more honest to lead with an ambient heart-check,” Kelela shared in a statement. “I specifically want to speak to marginalized Black folk and highlight the work we do to find renewal in a world that’s built to make us feel inadequate. This song is the soundtrack to the relief we find after going inward."

The stunning accompanying video finds Kelela within the Danakil Depression, which sits in the northern section of Ethiopia's Afar region. The stunning landscape is meditative, vast and breathtaking, much like her music.

Below, watch the video for Kelela's "Washed Away" and prepare to be blown away. Stay tuned for further information on Kelela's new music.

Photo courtesy of Yasser Abubeker