Kelela Is in Her 'RAVEN' Era

Kelela Is in Her 'RAVEN' Era

From early murmurings and cryptic Instagram teasers to an immaculate return, at long last, the wait for a new Kelela album is officially almost over.

Following the release of ambient mood-setter "Washed Away" and the club-primed "Happy Ending," Kelela returns to announce her forthcoming album, RAVEN, arriving February 10 via Warp Records. The highly-anticipated follow-up to 2017's critically acclaimed Take Me Apart ushers in the next chapter of Kelela's journey toward healing and self-renewal across lush sonic landscapes courtesy of co-executive producer Asmara, OCA and LSDXOXO.

“I started this process from the feeling of isolation and alienation I’ve always had as a Black femme in dance music, despite its Black origins," Kelela says of the record. "RAVEN is my first breath taken in the dark, an affirmation of Black femme perspective in the midst of systemic erasure and the sound of our vulnerability turned to power.”

The album announcement arrives alongside RAVEN's latest sonic offering "On the Run." Produced by Yo van Lenz, Kaytranada and Bambii, Kelela's latest single blends together flawless R&B vocals over a Caribbean-inspired dancehall beat with twinkling synths and buoyant bass lines bubbling up from its inky black depths. Musing on the push-and-pull dynamic of love, the track strikes a cool middle ground between the meditative sprawl and skittering breakbeats of the album's previous offerings. Riding off the runaway success of Take Me Apart, it's exciting to see Kelela continue to reinvent and polish her sound into the shining radiant diamond that it has become, making us all the more excited to see what other gems RAVEN possibly has in store.

Check out "On the Run" and the full tracklist for Kelela's upcoming album RAVEN below.


01. Washed Away
02. Happy Ending
03. Let It Go
04. On the Run
05. Missed Call
06. Closure
07. Contact
08. Fooley
09. Holier
10. Raven
11. Bruises
12. Sorbet
13. Divorce
14. Enough for Love
15. Far Away

Photo courtesy of Justin French