Kelela Appears to Hint at New Music in Instagram Posts

Kelela Appears to Hint at New Music in Instagram Posts

Fans of Kelela are rejoicing after the singer appeared to tease new music via a series of cryptic posts on social media.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Kelela posted several video montages compiling tweets and memes from fans bemoaning the singer's "disappearance" following the release of her critically-acclaimed 2017 debut album Take Me Apart. "When the world needed her most ... she vanished," said one user, while another wrote, "Please come back — I have problems at home."

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Indeed, Kelela seemed to have somewhat vanished from the scene a couple years ago, scrubbing the posts on her Instagram account and conspicuously avoiding any media coverage. Now, following these recent posts, fans are speculating that the beloved experimental R&B artist is making her imminent return to music.

The sentiment echoes commentary in the two years between the release of Kelela's EP Hallucinogen in 2015 and the release of Take Me Apart. At the time, the Ethiopian American singer toldNewsweek, "I sort of had to have all of the experiences that I am speaking on throughout the album. And it's part of the reason why it's taken so long. It's all very personal and sort of drawn from my actual experience."

While there hasn't been any concrete announcement about a new album, it hasn't stopped fans from ringing the bells of celebration. See some of the best reactions to Kelela's posts below.

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