The Designer Behind Katy Perry's New Single Cover

The Designer Behind Katy Perry's New Single Cover

Jun 17, 2024

After four years, KP6 is finally coming.

It all started when the musician and American Idol judge teased a new era by changing her social media profile to "(KP)" in a futuristic and liquid metal font on a deep orange background. Then, last week, Perry posted photos of herself in a distressed leather KNWLS set looking very internet It-girl. And today, she finally announced the first single, called "Woman's World." "Sexy, confident," Perry sings in the short clip. "So intelligent. She is heaven-sent. So soft, so strong."

On the single cover, Perry stands in a victory pose with her hands teasing her hair up high in a white knit bikini, a heavy choker and muscular, alien-like, metal leg coverings. The metal legs are by Victor Clavelly, based in Montreuil, France, in the suburbs of Paris. Clavelly graduated from the Duperré School in 2020 and works with brands like Rick Owens, where he brings his expertise on prints, modeling parts and prototyping accessories in 3D, all while working on his eponymous brand.

The designer has quickly become known for deforming and transforming bodies, making them powerful and animal-like, using 3D design to make virtual extensions and prostheses. It is organic yet extraterrestrial all at once, hinting at what's to come in Katy Perry's new era.

"Woman's World" comes out on July 11, followed by music video the next day.

Photography: Jack Bridgland