Kate Moss Brings Back Her Iconic Pink Hair for Marc Jacobs

Kate Moss Brings Back Her Iconic Pink Hair for Marc Jacobs

Kate Moss wasn't always the blonde fashion vixen we're used to seeing.

For a brief moment in the late '90s, the supermodel sported a neon pink 'do when Gianni Versace asked asked her to dye it for his memorable Spring 1998 show. She was subsequently photographed in the fluoro hue for Juergen Teller portrait, who dubbed it "Young Pink Kate."

Now over two decades years later, Moss revived the iconic pink hairstyle for Marc Jacobs' Resort 2023 campaign, where she wears the brand's signature Kiki boots and two of the its classic bags: the bucket pouch and a J Marc shoulder bag.

The full-circle moment marks nearly 22 years since Moss first starred in a Marc Jacobs campaign for Fall 2000. Her electric pink hair drew some comparisons to Madonna who went through her own pink hair phase this year (she also donned a pink wig for a recent PAPER cover).

"I love these pictures of Kate sooooooooo much 🖤🖤🖤," Jacobs commented on the supermodel's Instagram page (well, her agency account anyway).

Moss' pink hairstyle in the '90s only lasted about a week before Calvin Klein, who she worked with a ton at the time, asked her to dye it brown again for a job. “[It’s] so sad, because this picture is when it started looking good," she said in a 2014 interview.

Photography: Harley Weir/ Courtesy of Marc Jacobs