Racist Georgia Rep Resigns Following 'Who is America?' Episode

Racist Georgia Rep Resigns Following 'Who is America?' Episode

In the most recent episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's new show "Who Is America?" Georgia lawmaker Jason Spencer yelled a number of racial slurs, pulled down his pants, and did an "Asian tourist" impression all in the name of self defense against terrorists. He says that he thought the video would be used as an "educational aid to train elected officials who may be targeted by terrorists."

The clip went viral and received massive backlash for its blatant racism, causing Spencer to rightfully resign.

Spencer's eight-year term was already going to end in January, as he lost a primary in May. On Tuesday, he put in a letter of resignation from the Georgia House of Representatives, making his last day in office July 31, Jezebel reports.

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston had urged Spencer to resign after the episode aired. Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal also condemned the use of racial slurs.

Spencer toldThe Washington Post on July 23rd that Cohen, "took advantage of my paralyzing fear that my family would be attacked," which is to say, his deep-rooted Islamophobia. Now, if only every Republican lawmaker (read: president) who has been explicitly and publicly racist would resign!

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