Jason Derulo Believes He Helped Transform TikTok

Jason Derulo Believes He Helped Transform TikTok

Cats may not have changed the world as much as Jason Derulo thought, but TikTok did. In a new interview with Kick Game, a UK-based sneaker and streetwear store, the "Talk Dirty" singer wants to lay his claim to the wildly popular social media platform.

Derulo was introduced to TikTok, then known as musical.ly, by his young nieces and nephews. The app was best known as a dance app where people could flex their choreography, but when the pandemic hit, Derulo realized there was potential. That wasn't without some trial and error.

"I tried to post a photo, that didn’t work," he said. "People was like, ‘What the fuck is this?’ Then I started to post random story-like videos. That didn’t work."

Derulo said that by posting "fun" things that showed other sides of him such as challenge videos and skits, it helped change the app forever. "TikTok used to be just a dance app, and it wasn’t until I started to introduce other things that it became the app that it is today," he said. I guess TikTok is indebted to him as well. He was about to share how much TikTok pays him, but he changed the subject.

However, Derulo kindly offered some tips on how to make it big on TikTok, all tips you can also find in an upcoming book of his. In addition to making sure you have good lighting and are organic, it's also important to make sure people don't scroll past you. According to the "Whatcha Say" singer, there's about a second-long window that you must capitalize on.

TikTok does offer Derulo a lot of freedom, and they probably won't ask him to censor his bulge any time soon. He currently boasts over 56 million followers, making him the 14th most followed account on the platform.

Below, check out the complete interview.

Photo courtesy of Billy Farrell/BFA