Jason Derulo Accuses 'Cats' of Editing His Bulge

Jason Derulo Accuses 'Cats' of Editing His Bulge

Poor, poor Jason Derulo. On the heels of getting censored by Instagram, the star now says that a similar thing has happened with Cats.

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM's Radio Andy show, Derulo told host Andy Cohen that he believes Cats digitally edited down his infamous bulge.

"They CGI'd the dick out," he complained. "Yeah, they did CGI. I noticed that."

For his part, Cohen asked if he was sure that had happened, but Derulo was adamant, saying, "125%. I literally… I could see it in the trailer."

Not only that, but Derulo —who plays Rum Tum Tugger (seriously) — telling E! News about the issues he had during filming. According to him, he continually had to make sure his bulge didn't get in way, "because we had to wear these—they were like spandex, you know?"

"So, it was, like, very tight, you know? So, it was bulging everywhere," he said. "Bulges everywhere and balls everywhere and everything you could possibly imagine."

Granted, it probably wasn't anything his co-stars hadn't seen before, seeing as how Derulo's bulge has been a recent talking point as of late. And though us plebs won't be able to see Derulo's Cats bulge any time soon, at the very least, we still have his foot-long replacement. Check it out, below.

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