James Charles Accused of Ripping Off Merch Designs From Another YouTuber

James Charles Accused of Ripping Off Merch Designs From Another YouTuber

James Charles is currently embroiled in an online feud with h3h3's Ethan Klein, who claims that the beauty vlogger is selling a hoodie with the "same exact design" as one created by his wife, Hila.

Recently, James teased a new pastel color-blocked hoodie from his Sisters Apparel merch line. However, after seeing a video of the star wearing the sweater, Ethan decided to comment on what he believed was a striking similarity to the couple's Teddy Fresh brand.

"I know we didn't invent colorblocking but I'm having a hard time w the new James Charles merch, it's the same exact design as Hila's," he wrote on Twitter. "Combined with the fact that his audience is so huge, many people will assume he designed it and start accusing us of plagarism. What do you think?"

Ethan also shared a few side-by-side comparison photos to illustrate his point, before adding, "It's possible it's all a totally cosmic coincidence but he used pretty much the identical colors here too, he at least moved em around a little bit."

That said, James quickly replied to the accusation by retweeting Ethan's post and writing, "When you DM'd me yesterday, I sent you the original photo that inspired my collection, explained I've never seen your brand, but also asked what you wanted me to do."

"You didn't reply. After last year, I vowed to keep conversations private and create solutions, not drama," he continued. "If you'd like to continue our conversation and find a solution, my DMs are still open!"

In response, Ethan claimed that their actual DMs told a very different story. According to him, Charles had said he was "going to sell [the hoodies] anyway," before admitting "that the similarity wasn't a coincidence."

"I dm'd you because I wanted to keep this private but I found your response combative and dismissive," Ethan said.

Since then, Ethan has continued to publicly side-eye Charles by retweeting last year's drama, in which the beauty guru accused Wet N' Wild of copying his Morphe palette.

Not only that, but Hila also went on to tweet out a photo of her original sketches for the sweater-in-question, writing, "I guess I might as well share some behind the scenes. This is my first sketch of the color block hoodie from 2017 before we had a logo for TF, and in the other pic is the pink one, this is usually how I work on our color pallets."

Unsurprisingly though, the argument has since divided fans. And while some agreed that James's design was a little too close for comfort, as many others pointed out "this style has been around for awhile."

"It's literally a 90s aesthetic and you can find identical looks by googling 90s color block hoodies," as one person wrote. "Like I did and it took about 2 seconds. I'm not even a James Charles fan but the reach here is pretty embarrassing."

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